Security Management and Systems Overview Couse

Security Management and Systems Overview Course:  This can be done separate or as an add on to our other courses. The course will benefit anybody who has worked in the Security field and wishes to progress their knowledge in relation to ‘systems and equipment’ and how they are best utilized within the Security environment. Please contact for more information.

The Course structure consists of : Module 1:-

*CCTV Systems, options, set ups and procedures, operating methods.

*Use of CCTV to prevent and detect crime.

*Evidence from CCTV.

Module 2:-

*Internal office security methods and practice.

*Physical Security measures, technical security measures.

*Monitoring procedures, staff training requirements, security issues in respect of physical item theft.

*Security issues in respect of data theft.

Module 3:-

*External Security methods and practice.

*Entry and exit control measures.

*Integration between internal and external measures.