Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training StaffordshireAny individual who deals directly with the public whether by way of regular employment, part time occupation or voluntary work may face aggressive or violent behaviour. The risk is considerably increased, for those individuals who’s work brings them into contact with people who can display violent tendencies as a result of medical, or other social problems. Also at a higher risk are those who are engaged in cash transactions, delivery or collection of what may be considered valuable goods etc, and those who represent authority. Verbal abuse and threats are the most common form of incident with work related violence but physical attacks are becoming sadly more frequent.

The Health and Safety Executive’s definition of work related violence is:

Any incident, in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work

Both employers and employees have an interest in reducing violence at work. Employers will experience poor morale from their staff and poor organisational image. There is also the problem with absenteeism and compensation payments. Employee’s violence can cause mental and physical stress resulting in poor health and a lack of commitment to the employer.

Safety at a personal level is also increasingly becoming an area of concern. A check of any daily or local paper will give evidence to the fact, that attacks on individuals as a result of alcohol related incidents, or crimes such as robbery, rape or other sexual offences are on the increase. People have to realise that they have to be responsible for their own protection and to rely on the presence of a Police Service or other Government initiative is not enough.

Most incidents of violence do not suddenly occur, although it may appear that way to the unfortunate victim at the time. They have in fact developed over a period of time, which can range from several seconds to several minutes or even days weeks or months according to the circumstances. In over 90% of incidents of violence warning signs are present but either not recognised, or ignored by the intended victim. This lack of awareness and the inability to recognise potential threats are the two main areas of weakness with regards to personal security. The training offered therefore places great emphasis, on the recognition of the pre-incident indicators, which are present prior to violence taking place. Once recognised at an early stage, this allows, in nearly all instances the individual being able to defuse or, remove him or herself from the problem, without the use of physical force. All the elements of the personal safety-training package are developed from actual street experiences and incidents, providing the client with real world knowledge and techniques to deal with potential or actual violent encounters.

Personal safety training is offered to groups or individuals, comprehensively covering all aspects of personal safety, within both the personal and working environment. The following elements are covered within the training, according to specific requirements.

  • Awareness development.
  • Threat recognition.
  • Coping with fear and adrenalin.
  • Avoiding confrontation.
  • Dealing with physical violence.
  • Interpretation of body language.
  • Anti-stalking and harassment packages.
  • Surveillance awareness.
  • Personal safety-to, from and within the working environment.
  • Insight into criminal techniques and tactics.
  • Daily routine.
  • Travelling abroad.
  • Crime prevention methods. At home/work.
  • Security procedures residence/office.
  • Mobile and vehicle security.
  • Personal defensive tactics
All training programs can be tailored so as to be client specific.