Close Protection Training

Our close protection training course is recognised by the Buckinghamshire New University and SIA.

Close Protection Training StaffordshireThe close protection training course has been devised based on a combination of both Police and Military close protection training courses, together with instructors experience gained within the private sector in relation to close protection. The designers of the course have many years experience within close protection and hold official home office qualifications in relation to the subject matter.

The course is run over a 15 or 21 day training period. Should the student require the first aid at work training certificate, this can be offered as part of the course with the addition of 3 days. The training involves both classroom theory input, together with practical training scenarios. The student is initially instructed in the theory of a specific topic within the classroom environment; this is then reinforced by way of practical training scenarios where the student puts the theory into practice. Experienced and qualified trainers in the field conduct the courses and closely monitor the progress of students providing positive feedback to each.

The students are assessed by way of question and answer during the classroom sessions, together with assessment during practical training scenarios. The final assessment of the student, is both theory based with a written examination and on a practical front, by way of a final exercise in which the students set up and run a close protection operation.  These Modules can be physically and mentally demanding so a general high standard of personal fitness is required to benefit from the training undertaken.

The course content conforms to that required by the SIA regulations in respect to National Occupational Standards for close protection training. The below is a guide to the training manual and course content.

Module 1 Introduction and foot drills
Module 2 Vehicle drills, route planning
Module 3 Intelligence and planning
Module 4 Unarmed Combat Training
Module 5 The Law and Close Protection
Module 6 Searching
Module 7 Residence and Venue Security
Module 8 Surveillance/Anti Surveillance

On successful completion of this course students can be assured that they have the confidence and credibility to enter the field of Personal Security. In addition you will be certified that in the opinion of Shields instructional staff, that you now have the ability to work operationally within the security industry with motivation and at the highest of professional standards as a Close Protection Operative.

Finally you will achieve the satisfaction that you have undertaken the most demanding and professionally run courses available in the private sector for this type of work and will be able to show to potential employers (and colleagues) by way of your Training Performance Records, the high standards you have already attained.

This course is run both in the UK and the United States allowing the student to gain experience Internationally. Training undertaken within the US includes all flights and car hire and accommodation but not meals.

Shield staff will endeavour, where possible, to assist with students travel arrangements for those who have to attend by way of public transport. (Details supplied on request).




This two day course is specifically aimed at individuals who may wish to become a professional Close Protection Officer (CPO) but are unsure what exactly that entails. The course will impart current information on the modern day professional CPO, what the necessary skills and attributes are. Those attending will be given the opportunity to carry out some basic drills applicable to the role. At the conclusion of the course attendees will have a clearer view of what is expected of the CPO. There will also be the opportunity for a professional assessment as to an individuals suitability towards further training within the field.

The course cost does not include accommodation but does include a light lunch and tea/coffee breaks on both days. Accommodation and extra meals can be arranged at an extra cost.

Should a student enrol on the full Close Protection course following completion of this 2 day course the fee for the 2 day course will be deducted from the full course price.