Combat Coaching Awards

Shield is now offering the following training programs in conjunction with Peter Consterdine.
The Combat Coach educational programs have been developed by Peter Consterdine as Chief Instructor of the World Combat Association (WCA), through whose auspice this program is managed. The WCA is the international ‘umbrella’ of the UKs foremost martial arts organisation, the British Combat Association (BCA) which, apart from being a substantial multi-style organisation has been at the forefront of modern self defence for the 17 years it has been in existence.
The Combat Coach program is the sum of all this knowledge and experience of personal Combat, Personal security, and marketing and delivering commercial courses to both the public in general, commercial businesses, front line services (police, prison service) and government agencies.
Combat Coaching“In total, between the 3 programs there are some 55 Units across a range of subjects, unequalled in any martial arts or, practical combat course. The range and depth of the subjects is, quite honestly, amazing, with hundreds of photographs and illustrations across the units.”

Aims of the Courses

The Combat Coach program is divided into three separate courses;

  • Self Defence Award
  • Self Defence Instructor’s Certificate
  • Combat Coach Diploma

The Self Defence Award level is for students of martial arts to educate them about Self Defence and practical applications of martial arts. It is also for the non-martial arts participants as a certified course in Self Defence. The course is a combination of delivered, home study units (some 22 in all), a number of student submitted essays and a thesis of some 7,500 words. Its aims are to;

  • Develop the skills essential to the effective organisation and delivery of self defence training
  • Provide awareness of personal security and awareness issues
  • Promote awareness of self defence issues and techniques
  • Provide progression to the Instructor’s Certificate in Self Defence

The Coach Diploma is aimed at experienced martial arts instructors, in which category I fit, who are currently delivering self defence courses but are looking to extend their market from the general public to the business community and other ‘front line’ organizations. There are some 18 high level units, submitted work and a final thesis of 25,00 words. Its aims are to;

  • Develop advanced knowledge & skills in the areas of personal security, combat, travel security and risk assessments.
  • Extend the knowledge and skills necessary to instruct within ‘front line’ occupations.
  • Provide knowledge, skills and all instructional material necessary to operate within commercial environments.

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