Weapons Training

Weapons Training

Weapons training packages available for law enforcement agencies and private security companies in the following subjects and disciplines.

PLEASE NOTE: That due to the nature and content of certain training packages listed below instruction will only be undertaken by  officially recognised bodies that can prove a requirement for their operatives to be trained in intensive firearms techniques and  tactical procedures. In addition (with the exception of British based organisations possessing the necessary Home Office Certification)  because of the restrictions imposed by U.K. Firearms legislation weapons training packages will only be carried out outside of mainland U.K.

Weapons Training – Firearms (Basic to Advanced Level)Weapons Training Staffordshire

  • C.Q.B. Handgun
  • C.Q.B. Shotgun
  • C.Q.B. Carbine
  • Concealed and Overt Tactics and Techniques
  • Associated Topics i.e. choice of weapons and weapon carrying systems

Weapons Training – non firearms (Basic to Advanced)

  • Incapacitate Sprays
  • Stick/ Baton
  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Weapon Disarming

Close quarter combat handgun course

The above course is designed to develop the close quarter combat abilities of the
student in the use of the handgun. The course has specific emphasis in the later
stages with the role of the handgun in respect of V.I.P. protection. The course is
of ten days duration and includes all ammunition, facilities and training manual.
The instructor student ratio is high due to the nature of the course so personal
supervision and instruction is guaranteed. The course will progress the student
at a safe and appropriate pace for the individual student, advancing to a high
standard of professionalism and ability.

Course Content

Handgun Specifics

  • Choice of handgun in relation to the specific requirement.
  • Ammunition choice and requirement.
  • Methods of carry, both concealed and overt.
  • Handgun safety training and operational carry.

Close Quater Combat

  • Methods of drawing the handgun from concealment.
  • Both one handed and two-handed shooting positions.
  • Low-light shooting.
  • Reactive target shooting.
  • Combat shooting under high stress.
  • Close quarter shooting techniques.
  • Weapon Retention and Disarming.

Tactics in Relation to V.I.P Protection

  • Team drills and tactics.
  • Protective shooting with a V.I.P.
  • Evacuation Procedures.
  • Verbal control.

Final Qualification Shoot

The course will culminate in the student undertaking a qualification shoot,
involving all aspects covered during the course.